Lord of the Flies

What is your opinion of thee novel- is the story convincing? Does it present a realistic vision of human nature? Have you experienced or observed things that would either support or contradict Golding's ideas?


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This novel is really dark. Many people have criticized Golding for being too pessimistic about human nature. Unfortunately I think he is rather accurate. I think back to the simple politics of the playground in any elementary school. Many of the ideas expressed in the novel can be seen on playgrounds in some form, despite the presence of adults. Man has always been killing each other. People must be taught to suppress their primal urges. We have laws to keep people in check. Children learn to be good to each other because, left on their own, their natural impulse is to be the opposite. After the death of Simon, their Christ figure, all is lost. Had the sailor not shown up, the boys would have killed Ralph and killed each other in short order.Still Golding offers hope. Despite all the self destruction, the boys do get saved. I suppose that's something.