Lord of the Flies

What is the importance of Ralph to Lord of the Flies?

Why is he essentially there rather than just because he is the main character? For example, what themes does he help explore, what characters can he be compared with and how he has made an impact in the novel.

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The protagonist of the story, Ralph is one of the oldest boys on the island. He quickly becomes the group's leader. Golding describes Ralph as tall for his age and handsome, and he presides over the other boys with a natural sense of authority. Although he lacks Piggy's overt intelligence, Ralph is calm and rational, with sound judgment and a strong moral sensibility. But he is susceptible to the same instinctive influences that affect the other boys, as demonstrated by his contribution to Simon's death. Nevertheless, Ralph remains the most civilized character throughout the novel. With his strong commitment to justice and equality, Ralph represents the political tradition of liberal democracy.



Ralph is a boy who saves the boys. Jack is another story.