Lord of the Flies

What is Roger from Lord of the Flies physical description, what are things he says, what are his actions, and what do others think or say about him?

I need 6 of everything. I have 3 physical descriptions already, no things he says, 4 actions, and nothing of what others say or think about him. If you can, please help me!

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Character Analysis

Roger is like a kid torturing ants with a magnifying glass before he could drink from a sippy cup. This guy is bad news going all the way back to when we first met him, a “slight” and “furtive” boy with “an inner intensity of avoidance and secrecy” (read: bad news). Let’s just say, you do NOT want to be stuck on a deserted island with Roger.

Roger is a sadistic character. While Jack wants power because he likes the thought of being in charge, Roger wants power because he likes the idea of hurting others. While at first he was held back by the old “taboos” of civilized society (think about when he intentionally misses Henry with the rocks), he soon casts off the garments of tact, manners, and not-murdering, and gives in to his horrible urges to kill, maim, and otherwise disfigure. Think of Sam and Eric’s line: “Roger and the chief are both terrors, but Roger…”If you’re hungry for more, do some thinking about the relationship between Jack and Roger, and let us know what you come up with.

Roger doesn't say too much. He discovers he really likes hurting people and sort of follows his natural inclinations. Roger is the largest boy on the island.