Lord of the Flies

What happens to Simon at the end of Chapter 8?

inside the mouth????

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Simon comes face to face with the pig's head on a stick. It is the Lord of the Flies or manifestation of Beelzebub (Devil). The Lord of the Flies speaks to Simon in the voice of a Headmaster. It is an extension of the dark side that Golding thinks exists in all of us. Only Simon has the faculties to find it. In the end, Simon has one of his epileptic fits and passes out.

Simon is left facing the pig 's head on a stick. The pig actually "speaks" to him telling him that he cannot escape the evil that the head repreesents. In the end Simon becomes afraid and faints.

Simon witnesses the brutal killing of the pig by Jack and his hunters. After they leave, he is left with the pig's head on a stick. Simon then "has one of his times," which is referring to epilepsy. During his epilepsy, Simon hears the pig begin to "talk" to him. Golding referes to the pig as, "The Lord of the Flies," because of all of the flies flying around its head. To me, the flies symbolize the little "minions" that surround Jack. Jack symbolizes the lord of these minions. The flies were looking to the pig to supply them with meat, just like the other boys were looking to Jack to supply them with meat. The Lord of the Flies tells Simon that he is the beast, the darkness that exists in all of us. Earlier, Jack told the boys that, "The beast is a hunter." However, this could be reveres to say: "The hunter is the beast."

The Lord of the Flies also tells Simon that he is hopeless, that everything is hopeless, and that they will never be rescued. "Being rescued" means being retrieved from the island. But it also means being rescued from the evil that has taked hold on most of the boys. Simon understands and accepts this fact. When this nightmare finally passes, Simon cannot withold himself anylonger, and passes out.


Lord of the Flies