Lord of the Flies

What do you think is happening to the group as a whole? What do you think might happen soon? Do you think things can keep going the way they are?

Chapter 4. Please respond with a well developed paragraph

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Golding begins the chapter by describing a sense of order among the boys on the island, and he concludes it by describing the order's disintegration. Even the smallest boys appear to have accepted their fate on the island, and they have developed strategies, such as the building of sand castles, to minimize and contain their anguish. The key to the initial tranquility on the island is the maintenance of customs from the society in which the boys were raised. These customs, however, seem tenuous. The boys are feeling their old world slip away and are conforming to more primal needs and desires. This will inhibit any sort of functioning democracy that Ralph is trying to instill in the boys.