Lord of the Flies

what do you think fo ralphs handling of the boys?

how he handeled the littleluns and others

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Ralph really represents responsible leadership. He organises assemblies, creates rules, devises a democratic process....Unfortunately most of the boys are not looking for a responsible leader. The boys want to be told what to do; they want to have "fun" and they are easily manipulated. Ralph tries hard to establish some kind of working order. He truly is respectful of most of the boys. Unfortunately, with the exception of Simon, nobody really cared about the littluns. To be fair to Ralph, he spent most of the time trying to prevent Jack from turning their island into a living hell. As stated before, most of the boys did not want to invest energy into Ralph's ideas (like shelters or signal fire). Ralph is not forceful by nature and could not manipulate like Jack could. Really, when it comes down to it, the boys simply were not afraid of Ralph. This was his downfall.