Lord of the Flies

what are the conflicts, setting,characters,plot,symbols and themes for chapter 6 of lord of the flies

the answer should be based only on chapter 6 of lord of the flies

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Chapter 6 opens with a sign from the adult world. It's a dead pilot floating to the island. The Twins see him as the Beast with sharp teeth and claws...This outward manifestation of the beast gives Jack the excuse to maintain control of the boys. The Pilot is really a symbol of the failure of man. Despite his technology he will become a rotting carcass. After the twins finish blathering about the beast, the boys decide to look for it (hunt it, Jack wants to kill it which duly impresses the boys)

Simon, our Christ figure, thinks the best is inside the boys. The beast is man's essential illness at once "heroic and sick" This idea of course is lost on the rest of the boys.

At the top of the mountain there is some power confrontation between Ralph and Jack.

That's about it!