Lord of the Flies

LORD OF THE FLIES Chapter 3 & 4

How is the relationship between Ralph and Jack? Are they friends? Do they argue a lot?

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At this point in the novel, I wouldn't necessarily say that Jack and Ralph are friends, but I wouldn't say they dislike each other either. The two boys are alike, but yet they're very different. Ralph enjoys his position of power but is most concerned with order and improving the odds that the boys will be discovered and saved. Like Ralph, Jack enjoys power, but his actions are self-gratifying..... he cares about himself above all others, and is abusive treatment to the other boys illustrates this. Jack love the hunt because of the freedom it allows him to give into his impulses..... he loves the power he holds over the others because it allows him to punish them without repercussion.

The boys argue all the time.... they argue over organization, what's being done.... what's being accomplished. Ralph is focused on the necessities.... Jack is focused on what he wants to do. Again..... Ralph is concerned with the good of the group..... Jack is concerned with himself.


Lord of the Flies