Lord of the Flies

in the book lord of the flies by willam golding what dose the conch in the hand of Relph signify?

form the book Lord Of The Flies

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It symbolizes a few things. The conch becomes a symbol of democracy. It is used to give even the lowliest of littluns a chance to speak. The conch also gives Ralph a certain amount of authority. He resembles an adult with a "megaphone" to the others. The conch comes to symbolize responsible authority from the old world. As visions of the old world quickly fade into nothing, so does the symbolism of the conch.

The conch symbolizes a sign of togetherness or order... It gives anyone the chance to speak and helps with being organized. The conch helps throughout the book and as Aslan said it does give the person usually ralph a sort of authority. Which is why piggy clings to the conch soo much. its the only sign of order and reality.

The conch symbolizes leadership and authority. The reason so many people want to hold the conch is because it makes tham feel "powerful," not just because it is the rule to hold the conch when you speak. Jack seems to always try to be the one to hold the conch, because he wants to be leader. That is why he tries to tell everyone that the rule about the conch is stupid, and that they should be alowed to talk whenever they want. Jack does this because Ralph set up this rule and, by speaking out against that rule, it will lessen Ralph's authority. Then, the only other person that people will think to turn to will the Jack.


Lord of the Flies