Lord of the Flies

In Lord of the Flies(Chapter 7), what are the major themes from the chapter, and significance of chapter title?


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The chapter's major theme is Civilization vs Savagery.

The title of the chapter; "shadows and tall trees," is very much filled with imagery and texture of its name. Much of the novel describes the jungle and the mountain. The kids are looking for the beast. They often get distracted and play. The boys are content as a group but alone they are scared. The shadows in the jungle symbolize their own secret fears. Simon is the only boy who feels differently. Simon is not afraid of darkness or shadows of the forest rather than that of the human spirit. The tall trees and thick foliage of the jungle is a different world for the boys, it seems to bring out the darkness in themselves. We see this in the violent play hunt and when Jack not so jokingly suggests that they hunt littluns.


Lord of the Flies

Chapter 7 is called Shadows and Tall Trees. Much of this chapter takes place in the jungle. Unless it is daylight and they are in a huge group, the boys are terrified of the jungle. The shadows and Tall trees certainly factor into this. Some of the themes include some of Simon's personal traits that the boys find crazy. THe solitude and peacefulness of the jungle is what Simon longs for especially at night. The theme of group belonging and the human need to kill is shown through Ralph finding the hunt exhilarating. The bonding to a group he has wanted no part off (sense of belonging) is another theme.