Lord of the Flies

in chapter one.. what is the answer too ; What does Ralph imitate as he calls piggy why is that important is ralph an innocent person?

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Early in the novel Ralph is very much a child. Piggy is busy trying to put the pieces of their predicament together when he tells Ralph what kids used to call him at school. At this amusing piece on information Ralph yells out "Piggy" and,

"Danced out into the hot air of the beach and then retuned as a fighter plane, with wings swept back, and machine gunned Piggy.....He dived in the sand at Piggy's feet and lay there laughing."

Ralph has not yet begun to evolve into the introspective leader that he is in later chapters. , he finds Piggy's confession entertaining. He pretends he is a fighter jet. Ralph still has the innocence of a child. Like most boys he doesn't understand the emotional implications of Piggy's name nor does he particularly care. It is important to note that Ralph is never malicious to Piggy. Indeed as the novel progresses Ralph comes to understand Piggy better than himself.


Lord of the Flies Ch 1