Lord of the Flies

In chapter 8, in Lord of the Flies, describe the setting at the opening of the chapter. Consider both time and place, as well as the temperature, lighting,etc.


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The sun hasn't risen yet, and the beach is described as dawn-pale beach; the mountain is dark. The conch is glimmering among the trees, a white blob against the place where the sun would rise. Shortly after, the sun is described as a point of gold appearing above the sea and at once all the sky lightened.

They're on the beach; I didn't catch anything about the temperature, but that doesn't mean it's not mentioned.


Lord of the Flies

The setting is the last meeting of its kind for the boys. The sun is rising bringing a new day with more intense emotions and fears. The beast appears to be a reality to the boys. This taints the everything about the setting. Although the sun is rising, there is a darrkness in both mood and tone. Jack and Ralph are at odds giving the meeting the ominous tone of finality.