Lord of the Flies

How can I take Lord of the Flies to a higher level of thinking either in a universal truth or human nature?

It's for a socratic seminar and this will be a great impact on my grade, so I'm trying to think of something that will really strike the people included in the seminar and make them have something strong to think about.

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I always enjoy looking at Lord of the Flies as a Biblical allegory. Consider the island as a sort of Eden. Simon of course is a Christ Figure and the rest of the boys fit into various Biblical contexts. Really, after they kill Simon for bringing them the "good news", there is no salvation for them. The Pig's head on the stick is the manifestation of true evil which exists in all the boys. Really Golding felt man was doomed by his own inherent defects. He will destroy his Eden and he will destroy himself.

Thank you, I have that already.

May you help me think of something else?

There is the whole democracy vs. military government thing. In a developing society, the guy with the guns, or spears in this case, always wins.

Also you might consider how humans naturally gravitate towards their darker nature. Do humans need to be taught to be nice/ fair, empathetic?