Lord of the Flies

Explain Goldin's use of the following literary devices using evidence from the novel:irony,allusion.simile,symbol,slang,repetition,personification,and comic relief

Explain me please what they mean and where they are found in the book.

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There is much irony in this novel. I'll list a few points for you.

-British boys should have represented the height of civilization yet they turn into "savages".

-Piggy is an important character yet we never find out his name. He is mocked despite being the smartest boy on the island.

-Simon is a Christ figure. He knows the truth of the pilot. He comes down the mountain to save the boys (both literally and metaphorically) yet is mistaken as the beast and killed.

-It is ironic that they are saved by destroying themselves (lighting their island on fire).

Please list your questions separately.