Lord of the Flies

Do any of the characters show signs of redemption at the end of the novel?

chapter 12. any quotations to support the answer will be very very useful. 

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Golding ends his social experiment rather abruptly in Chapter 12. They killed their Christ-figure, Simon, and continued down their path of self-destruction. Golding uses Deus ex machina or "God in the machine" to stop the action. The boys left alive are saved but have, for the most part, failed the experiment. Ralph always had the right idea: he tried to create a better society. Unfortunately, with the death of Simon and Piggy, there was not much hope left for these boys. Sam and Eric try to help Ralph in chapter 12 but even they must conform to Jack's wishes or Roger would have wielded his sadistic beatings on them. I'm inclined to say there was not any redemption for these boys.