Lord of the Flies

describe the significance and importance of the title lord of flies

explain the significance of the title , what does it mean ?

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Lord of the Flies refers to the devil, also known as Beelzebub. As the novel progresses, the children lose their sense of civility. They become dirty (The Lord of the Flies is also called the Lord of Filth and Dung), both inside and out. As Jack's group reverts to savagery, they look for a symbol and embrace the Lord of the Flies as a god. The pig's head, which is used as an offering and impaled on a steak, is eventually devoured by flies and becomes a symbol. In response, Ralph seizes the stake at the end of the novel to use as a spear and knocks the pig's skull to the ground. It's the fight between good and evil (civility as opposed to savagery).

the symbolic encounter between Simon and the lord of the flies represents the conflict between good and evil as it occurs in every man analyse any individual and u will find in him Ralph tendency piggy in intellectualism Simon religious feelings and jacks appetite for destruction.