Lord of the Flies

Describe the election and what each candidate offers the group?

The election like when the boys voted on who was going to be the leaders & by candidates meaning Ralph & Jack

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Well, let's see:


-good looking

-Well built/reminds them of adult

-mild manner, rational

-blows conch/reminds kids of a megaphone

-listens to opinions


-ugly and not in a funny way

-skinny bony pointy finger

-erratic, irrational, immature, crazy dictator complex

-doesn't blow conch until ch. 10 or something

-hates listening to opinions other than his own

-likes stabbing his knife into trees and crying when nobody is looking.

Ralph does win the initial election. Initially the boys are drawn to Ralph, "he had a mildness about him that proclaimed no devil". The choir vote for Jack; this is out of both fear and habit. As most of the boys turn into violent little sociopaths, Jack starts to look better.