Lord of the Flies

describe simon's strange encounter with lord of the flies? who or what is lord of the flies?

chpt 8

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The head represents Simons own inner darkness. Just as Christ was tempted by the Devil on a mountaintop, Simon has come face to face with his own darkness. The Lord of the Flies asserts what Simon has always known; the beast lies within each one of the boys. This personification is brilliant. Simon resists the pig's head on a stick but he understands the full immensity of the "darkness in man's heart". Knowing full well what the boys are capable of, Simon attempts to save them none the less. This is the fall of man. The voice is metaphorical to us but Simon is a different story. Golding tells us that what goes on in Simon's head (epilepsy and all) is beyond the comprehension of the boys and perhaps even ours.