Lord of the Flies

Chapter 3. How has Jack's personality developed during his stay on the island? Does this affect his relationship with other characters? How so?

Chapter 3

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There is a significant gap of time between this chapter and the last, and the boys have grown farther from the conventions and values of the Home Counties. Jack hunts in the forest half-naked, and many of the boys wear "tattered shorts" or have bare feet, details that indicate that they have abandoned the ways of home in favor of comfort and ease.

Jack is determined to become a successful hunter and establish himself as a lone hero among the group. He is concerned with his own glory, which hinges again on militaristic values and seeks to dominate and conquer nature through hunting and killing pigs, a goal that foreshadows the intensification of his violent impulses throughout the novel and further identifies him as a symbol for totalitarian, as opposed to democratic, political organization.