Lord of the Flies

Can you all help me on this essay test questions, topic is about the lord of the flies and the hunger games?

*Essay Test Questions* Teacher: Please choose two questions out of this list and write 10-12 sentences for each.

Topics: The Lord of the flies, the hunger games

1. Compare and contrast The Lord of the Flies and "The Hunger games."

2. Piggys says, "We did everything that the grownups would have done, what did we do wrong." Please explain this quote, and did they really do anything wrong? Please use evidence from history.

3. Please explain the idea and plot of the "Hunger Games." What is the central meaning behind the book/movie?

4. What, if anything, might the dead parachutist symbolize? Does he symbolize something other than what the beast and the Lord of the Flies symbolize?

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I can't give you an essay for each question but I can give you a short answer. Please submit each of your questions one at a time and I will get to them.