Lord Byron's Poems

would it be correct to place Byron with the elizabethan century satirist rather than with the english romantics? discuss with of to the poem Don Juan.

Don juan

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Byron was like the poster child of Romantic Poets. He created the whole Romantic hero who was defiant yet sensitive. They can be comic and passionate sometimes all at once. Don Juan is a mock epic in that its protagonist—while often heroic (as in the battle of Ismail in Canto VIII)—is in fact naïve and his adventures almost entirely the result of accident. The tone of the poem is comic, which Byron accentuates with playful rhymes and—in particular—incisive homonyms. Byron makes his satire of the classical epics clear in Canto I, where he notes that “Most epic poets plunge ‘in medias res’” (1.6.41), but then states, “This is the usual method, but not mine” (1.7.49) and then proceeds to tell the tale of Don Juan from the very beginning: his birth.