Looking for Alaska

what are some of the reasons alaska gives to try and convince pudge

this anserwer would be in 58db

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Try to concvince Pudge of what?

"Why Pudge Should Stay at the Creek for Thanksgiving: A List, by Alaska Young.

1. Because he is a very conscientious student, Pudge hasa been deprived of many wonderful Culver Creek experiences, including but not limited to A. drinking wine with me in the woods, and B. getting up early on a Saturday to eat breakfast at McInedible and then driving though the greater Birmingham area smoking cigarettes and talking about how pathetically boring the greater Birmingham area is, and also C. going out late at night and lying in the dewy soccer field and reading a Kurt Vonnegut book by moonlight.

Two. Although she certainly does not excel at endeavors such as teaching the French language, Madame O'Malley makes a mean stuffing, and she invites all the students who stay on campus to Thanksgiving dinner. Which is usually just me and the South Korean exhange student, but whatever. Pudge would be welcome.

Three. I don't really have a three, but One and Two were awfully good."


Looking for Alaska, page 76.