Little Women

How did Laurie's parents die? What happened to his grandmother? Who does Beth remind Mr. Lawrence of?

Did the book ever say how Laurie's parents died? If so, how?

Was there ever a mention of a grandmother Lawrence? If so, what was said about her?

Was the decreased girl who Beth reminds Laurie's grandfather of his daughter, grandaughter, or sister?

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We are not told how Laurie's parents die.

"I am not sure, but I think it was because his son, Laurie's father, married an Italian lady, a musician, which displeased the old man, who is very proud. The lady was good and lovely and accomplished, but he did not like her, and never saw his son after he married. They both died when Laurie was a little child, and then his grandfather took him home.

I see no mention of Granfather Lawrence's wife's name.

Do you have a chapter number for your last question?

Thank you for your answers to my first two questions.

In chapter six, Mr. Lauwrence looks at Beth and says, "I had a little girl once, with eyes like these." Later he writes in a letter to her,I like to pay my debts, so I know you will allow "the old gentleman' to send you something which once belonged to the little grand daughter he lost." I found the answer to my own questions, but now I have a new one. Was she Laurie's sister or cousin?