Like Water for Chocolate

briefly describe the scene at the opening of "december"

november & december

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Tita and Chencha prepare Chiles in Walnut Sauce for Alex and Esperanza’s wedding to be held the following day. The night before the wedding, Dr. Brown is content. The thought of being near to Tita in just one day fills him with happiness, and he sleeps soundly. Pedro is too jealous to sleep and dislikes the fact that he must see Dr. Brown and Tita together at the wedding. He remembers an instance earlier that day when Dr. Brown gave Tita a box of matches in the kitchen. Pedro believes that Dr. Brown gave Tita the matches just to have an opportunity to stroke her hands in front of him. Enraged, Pedro leaves his bed to go fight Dr. Brown but stops when he realizes the undesirable consequences his actions would have.