Life of Pi

What is the importance of Pi's interpretation of the concept of a story in Chapter 99?

What is the importance of Pi's interpretation and how is it relevant the story as a whole?

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Part 3 of Life of Pi revisits and reemphasizes themes raised earlier in the novel, as well as complicating and redefining them and the story itself. With the exceptions of the author’s chapters scattered throughout the novel, Part 3 is the first significant portion of the text that departs from Pi’s point of view to tell his story. This is especially significant, because Pi has claimed that his story is over; the author’s choice to continue it is in a way a departure from Pi’s presentation of, and thus control of, his story.

This idea of narrative control is crucial. Pi tells Mr. Okamoto and Mr. Chiba that everything in life is inherently a story - even facts, because they are being perceived by someone, and thus can never be truly objective. Yet in the mens' unwillingness to believe Pi's story, they weaken his control over it. Even faced with evidence—the floating bananas, the meerkat bones—they stand firm in their disbelief. Please explore your question further at the GradeSaver link below: