Life of Pi

How does the writer use language to describe the narrator’s fright and confusion from lines 13-25 in “life of Pi”?

Life of Pi

from lines 13-25

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Can you please quote the lines so I know where you are?

‏From lines 12-25  

13 Where were the officers and the crew? What were they doing? Towards the bow I saw some men
14 running in the gloom. I thought I saw some animals too, but I dismissed the sight as illusion crafted
15 by rain and shadow. We had the hatch covers over their bay pulled open when the weather was
16 good, but at all times the animals were kept confined to their cages. These were dangerous wild
17 animals we were transporting, not farm livestock. Above me, on the bridge, I thought I heard
18 some men shouting.
19 The ship shook and there was that sound, the monstrous metallic burp. What was it? Was it the
20 collective scream of humans and animals protesting their oncoming death? Was it the ship itself
21 giving up the ghost? I fell over. I got to my feet. I looked overboard again. The sea was rising. The
22 waves were getting closer. We were sinking fast.
23 I clearly heard monkeys shrieking. Something was shaking the deck, a gaur - an Indian wild ox -
24 exploded out of the rain and thundered by me, terrified, out of control, berserk. I looked at it,
25 dumbstruck and amazed. Who in God's name had let it out?