Life of Pi

How does Pi change from the beginning of the book to the end? Explain what has happened to Pi and how those events changed Pi as a person. Be sure to use plenty of examples to support your ideas.

How does Pi change?

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Pi is such a dynamic character to begin with. He is always searching for truth and is open to interpretations of religious wisdom, human nature and questions of the universe. Pi hence is constantly changing and adapting to his world view whether living a comfortable life near a zoo in Pondicherry of stuck on a raft with a wild animals. Pi certainly has to concede in some of his beliefs like eating flesh, he had to survive. Pi learns and changes while living on the raft with wild animals. He never treats them like human beings yet he incorporates them into a sort of extended family on their terms. Pi learns to evoke two worlds, the spiritual and the scientific. Pi learns that these worlds are not mutually exclusive but can be brought together in a universal communion. Pi is willing to adapt and change hi points of view as he is constantly learning about God and the world.