Life of Pi

4. How did Pi’s Father view Mrs. Gandhi’s takeover of the nation?

Chapters 23-45 Life of Pi

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From the text:

Mrs. Gandhi finally got the best of Father. In February 1976, the Tamil Nadu government was brought down by Delhi. It had been one of Mrs. Gandhi's most vocal critics. The takeover was smoothly enforced-Chief Minister Karunanidhi's ministry vanished quietly into "resignation" or house arrest-and what does the fall of one local government matter when the whole country's Constitution has been suspended these last eight months? But it was to Father the crowning touch in Mrs. Gandhi's dictatorial takeover of the nation.

Thecamel at the zoo was unfazed, but that straw broke Father's back. He shouted, "Soon she'll come down to our zoo and tell us that her jails are full, she needs more space. Could we put Desai with the lions?"


Life of Pi