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write a cause and effect essay about "concept of beauty in contemporary society".

dear sir, i am trying many times to right the cause and effect essay about "concept of beauty in contemporary society" but i cannot understand how to write this essay within 1000 words. sir please, would you help me writing the essay within 1000 words.

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Your essay will need a thesis statement - something such as "Contemporary society, in its own materialistic way, focuses on surface beauty or the beauty that comes from having great wealth which can then be used to buy that which is beautiful." This thesis would then be supported by examples: in film, for example, we see most stars who tend to be thin, have flawless skin, and wear the most beautiful clothes that can be purchased. We focus on that which is visible and "outside" the person, that which can be seen rather than appreciated for its goodness or its heroism. We tend to glorify those who are often providing entertainment and call it beautiful, rather than noting that which is caring and compassionate. Your essay could focus on such people as Linday Lohan and Charlie Sheen who are allowed to behave in perfectly bad ways and are still considered among the "beautiful" people.