Letter From Birmingham Jail

Many people criticize dr. King for being too radical how does he feel about this at first and then how does he change and how he feels

How does dr. King feel about this at first and how does he change and how he feels how many people criticize him

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The context of the “Letter” is the protests that the SCLC was holding in Birmingham, which prompted the clergymen to pontificate on the dangers of extremism. Dr. King expands this context to suggest that the general consensus – that moderation is preferable to extremism – is false. Moderation, he argues, allows injustice to flourish while otherwise good people can comfort themselves with the belief that patience will solve society’s ills. The only way to truly enact change and help mankind transcend its limitations is to not only act with but also embrace extremism. Though he takes great pains to frame his movement as “creative” (rather than destructive) extremism, Dr. King firmly contends that one must be willing to actively pursue change lest he otherwise be accused of cowardice in the face of injustice (180). Despite its measured restraint, the “Letter” is an argument for taking action, and against hiding behind platitudes of moderation.