Letter From Birmingham Jail

King's letter was written in response to a published statemnt by eight white clerymen. What specific criticism did these men level at King and his followers? How did King respod to each objection?

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The eight white clergymen accused King of being an outsider, of using "extreme measures" that incite "hatred and violence", that King's demonstrations are "unwise and untimely", and that the racial issues should instead be "properly pursued in the courts. “King responded with what has become one of the most famous letters in American history. King responded with a powerful call for solidarity against racism and oppression. He strongly suggested people must act now for human rights. There is a definite sense of urgency in his tone. Blacks have waited too long for justice and the courts have been ineffective for meaningful change. King points out that "extreme measures", barring violence, are essential for any meaningful change to occur. He asks for his white brothers and sisters to join Negros in America to affect meaningful change in the days ahead. You can read the letter by the eight white clergy at the link below: