Last of the Mohicans

Where is evidence the Munro sisters are out of place in the environment they must traverse?

After Cooper presents Major Heyward and the two Munro sisters, how can we tell they are out of place in the environment they must traverse?

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Text evidence:

"As they traversed that short distance, not a voice was heard among them; but a slight exclamation proceeded from the younger of the females, as the Indian runner glided by her, unexpectedly, and led the way along the military road in her front. Though this sudden and startling movement of the Indian produced no sound from the other, in the surprise her veil also was allowed to open its folds, and betrayed an indescribable look of pity, admiration, and horror, as her dark eye followed the easy motions of the savage." (Page 26)


‘Cora, what think you?’ asked the reluctant fair one. ‘If we journey with the troops, though we may find their presence irksome, shall we not feel better assurance of our safety?’

‘Being little accustomed to the practices of the savages, Alice, you mistake the place of real danger,’ said Heyward. ‘If enemies have reached the portage at all, a thing by no means probable, as our scouts are abroad, they will surely

be found skirting the column, where scalps abound the most. The route of the detachment is known, while ours, having been determined within the hour, must still be secret.’

‘Should we distrust the man because his manners are not our manners, and that his skin is dark?’ coldly asked Cora. (Page 30)


Last of the Mohicans