Last of the Mohicans

What tactics are employed to throw the pursuing Hurons off the trail?

chapter 20

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The scout resumes paddling so that the canoes are making parallel trajectories. Hawkeye raises his gun once more, urging his companions to keep rowing despite their fatigue. Duncan sees they are preparing to shoot. Shots come at the canoe, but they are poorly aimed. Hawkeye laughs and raises his piece in triumph. Heyward takes Hawkeye's paddle; the scout begins to shoot. One Huron is struck, and their canoe stops. The Mohicans take the opportunity to catch their breath. Chingachgook's shoulder has been grazed by a bullet. Hawkeye resumes rowing after Munro pleads that they find his children. For now they have lost the other canoe. They disembark and take the canoe into the wood. It is carefully concealed. The Mohicans gather their possessions, and the scout announces that they are at last ready to proceed with the quest for the sisters.