Last of the Mohicans

The opening two chapters establish the historical and physical setting for the first half of the novel. What do we learn about both?

all i know is that it was in the fench and indian war

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Before any characters appear, the time and geography are made clear. Though it is the last war that England and France waged for a country that neither would retain, the wilderness between the forces still has to be overcome first. Thus it is in 1757, in the New York area between the head waters of the Hudson River and Lake George (the "Horican") to the north. Because only two years earlier General Braddock was disgracefully routed by a handful of French and Indians, the frontier is now exposed to real and imaginary savage disasters as well as to the horrors of warfare. Fear has replaced reason.


Oh, check out the rest of the above link. Basically both chapters revolve around the settings and conflicts of the story.