Kurt Vonnegut's Short Stories

What is the thematic statement of the short story "Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow"

I have to write a paragraph talking about the theme of the story but I am not sure of the thematic statement. What is Kurt Vonnegut trying to say about our society? I feel like the subject could be indivduality but I honestly have no clue. Please help me out!

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Check out Gradesaver's detailed analysis for this short-story. It has everything you need!




I checked but there is no thematic statement it just said the topic of the story like i mentioned "individuality". It doesn't really talk too much about Kurt Vonnegut's views on our society or the underlying message about it.

Views on society:

Vonnegut comments upon the lives of characters who live in a world where everyone has the comfort of life, but no duty or pressure to contribute anything good or positive.

 Theme of an overpowering, controlling government.... The most immediate question this situation raises concerns the environment, the question of how humans can continue to take advantage of the planet's resources without destroying them. In this story, the answer is that we make compromises, making our lives miserable (through over-crowding and limited food) for the sake of survival. The story does not answer which option is better, but does suggest that we cannot have it all.

Individual Identity..... there is no individual identity (think The Giver). Society promotes sameness and lack of distinction. Everyone should be the same and look the same. No one should stand out or achieve greatness because then we can feel the same, even though we're not. Harrison Bergeron has a very similar theme.

Wow thank you so much! I will definitely use that info when writing my paragraph. Do you think this is a good:
"The thematic statement of the short story is, striving for a total egalitarian society constricts individual greatness"