King Solomon's Mines

what was the wording and source of Rider Haggards quote regarding King Solomon's Mines being just a story?

I'm writing a research essay involving King Solomon's Mines, The Coral Island and Robinson Crusoe. Somewhere along the line I remember reading that Haggard once wrote or said something to the effect of 'no need to bring psychology into it, it's just a children's story'. Unfortunately, I'm unable to find it in my notes, and half a hour of google searching has failed to reveal anything.

If I've remembered it right, could someone tell me what the wording was, and where he wrote/said it?

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I did what you did and had the same luck of not finding the exact wording. I am wondering if you are remembering that he said this was written for children or that other people have said that this book is for children who want to tackle a more complex reading experience. Like you, I cannot find it exactly.