King Solomon's Mines

I need to know a little about the mines (of the novel, King Solomon's Mines), which should indicate that what they were like and what were inside them???

A little information of Mines just as mentioned in the novel "King Solomon's Mines"....

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There are different chambers in the mines. There are dark chambers, bats fly past them and hit their faces. Then they enter a huge cave, larger than any structure built by man. ice-like pillars—actually massive white stalactites—extend from the ceiling to the floor, adding to the cathedral-like quality of the cavern. Some of the stalactites take the vague form of beasts and the walls are covered in “fan-like ivory tracings” from the dripping water. Then there is the creepy "Place of Death". They finally do find the treasure,

Within the chamber they find a ceiling-high stack of elephant tusks, extending back beyond sight into the chamber. On the opposite side of the chamber they see about twenty wooden boxes, each one full of gold coins with Hebrew letters stamped on them. At first they find no other diamonds than the ones in the goat skin, but Gagool directs them to a nook in which rest three stone chests, two sealed and one open. Investigating, the men find the open chest mostly full of uncut diamonds. Opening the second and third chests, the men find the second full to the top with diamonds and the third only partially full, but of the largest diamonds of the lot.

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