King Lear

In act 1 scene 2of king lear is gloucester gulliable or is edmund extremly clever and does gloucester reseamble lear in any way and does edmund resemble the evil sister

in act 1 scene 2of king lear is gliucester gullible or is edmund extremly clever and does gloucester resemble lear in anyway and does edmund resemble the evil sisters in anyways

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I think there is a little bit of both at play here. Edmund is pressig his father, not so subtely, to consider that he should get his father's land. Edmund cleverly puts on an act for his father. Gloucester enters, amazed at the events which have occurred during the last scene. He wishes to know why Edmund is hiding a letter and demands to see it. He shrewdly acts as if he is embarrassed to show it to Gloucester and continually makes excuses for Edgar's apparent behavior. Gloucester reads the letter detailing "Edgar's" call to Edmund to take their father's land from him. Edmund asks that he not make too quick a judgment before they talk to Edgar as perhaps he is simply testing Edmund. He suggests forming a meeting where Edmund can ask Edgar about his proposals while Gloucester listens in secret. Gloucester agrees, musing on the effects of nature and its predictions. He leaves directly before Edgar enters. Edmund brings up the astronomical predictions he had discussed with Gloucester and alerts Edmund that Gloucester is very upset with him, though he knows not why. Edmund offers to take Edgar back to his lodging until he can bring he and Gloucester together and advises him to go armed. Edgar leaves and Edmund notes that he will soon take his due through wit.