How has Rufus changed since the last trip?

What changed?

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What chapter are you referring to?

The fire part




The Fight (Sections 1-8)

    1. How has Rufus changed since the last trip?
    2. Why do you think it’s important that we know about Dana & Kevin’s life together? Why are these pieces included in the story?
    3. Why do their relatives react poorly to their marriage?
    4. How does Dana prepare for her next trip? Why does she do these things?
    5. Why is Dana disoriented by the different times/places?
    6. How much time has passed between the last trip and this one? What has changed?
    7. Why do you think Kevin left the Weylin plantation?
    8. Why does Rufus keep defending his actions, the way he treated Alice? How does he feel about Alice? How do you know?
    9. What kind of “retaliation” does Dana have toward Rufus? Rufus towards Dana
    10. Why must Dana remind herself that the Weylin plantation isn’t “home”?
    11. Why has Margaret Weylin left? Where did she go?
    12. Why does Tom Weylin allow Nigel and Carrie to marry? Why does Rufus pay for a preacher?
    13. Is Tom Weylin a “fair” man, as Rufus says on page 134?
    14. Why do people hope that Dana will stay around for a while? How does this conflict with Dana’s own hopes?
    15. Why do you think Rufus says, “I don’t think so”, when Dana asks him if he’d ever sell slaves? (page 139)
    16. “...history. It happened whether it offends you or not.” What does Dana mean? (page 140)
    17. What does Rufus’ relationship with Nigel say about him and his attitude towards black people?
    18. What does it mean that Sarah has done the “safe” thing? (page 145)
    19. Why is it worse for slaves in the deep South than it is in Maryland?
    20. Why is Dana upset about the way Rufus has “gotten” Alice? Think about the contrast between her marriage to Kevin being illegal in the 1800’s, and Rufus’ actions toward Alice being legal.