Briefly describe the charecter of the hero of this story? In six sentences345

plz i need this for my book report

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David Balfour

The first person narrator/hero of the novel, David is a lowland Scotsman from a conservative Presbyterian/Whig background who sets forth on a rite of passage after his parents have both died. He is led to his father's childhood home where his resentful Uncle Ebenezer first tries to kill him and then has him kidnapped. David's involuntary adventures place him on a ship headed for America until he helps Alan Stewart rebel against the ship's crew. He and Alan spend the rest of the book trying to return David to his home without getting caught and held responsible for a murder which they observed but did not commit. Their friendship grows as the journey progresses. David finally returns home where he alerts his uncle's lawyer to the wrongdoing he has faced at Ebenezer's hands. David is restored to his rightful property and helps Alan escape Scotland safely.