Kate Chopin's Short Stories

'A respectable woman' point of Mrs.Baroda's feelings toward Gouvernail change.

of Mrs.Baroda's fellings toward Gouvernail, the author states, "but why she liked him she could not explain satisfactorily to herself when she partly attempted to do so" At what point do Mrs.Baroda's feelings toward Gouvernail change? what causes this change?

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Mrs. Baroda pictures Gouvernail as a tall, slim, cynical man and did not like the mental image, but when she meets the slim but neither tall nor cynical Gouvernail, she finds that she actually likes him.

Mrs. Baroda cannot discern why she likes Gouvernail, since she does not see all of the positive traits described by Gaston. He does not seem brilliant, but he does seem quiet and courteous in response to her eagerness to welcome him and her husband's hospitality. He makes no particular attempt to impress her otherwise, and he enjoys sitting on the portico and listening to Gaston describe sugar planting, although he does not like to fish or hunt.