Julius Caesar

Look at the different accounts of what kind of person and leader Julius Caesar was.

Julius Caesar

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http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/cgi-bin/ptext?doc=Perseus%3Aabo%3Atlg%2C0007%2C048&query=toc http://www.iol.ie/~coolmine/typ/romans/romans6.html http://www.vroma.org/~bmcmanus/caesar.html

THere is so much written on this guy, it is difficult to fit into a paragraph. Still I found a fairly simple site on him. He is a bit, then fallow the source-link below.

He was extremely nice in the care of his person, and kept the hair of his head closely cut and had his face smoothly shaved. His baldness gave him much uneasiness, having often found himself on that score exposed to the jibes of his enemies. He used therefore to brush forward the hair from the crown of his head, and of all the honors conferred on him by the Senate and People, there was none which he either accepted or used with greater pleasure than the right of wearing constantly a laurel crown.



TASK 3: Write a 5-7 sentence summary which explains what kind of person and leader Julius Caesar was.�

Task 4:� Pretend you are a Roman citizen living in the time of Julius Caesar.� Write a 2-3 paragraph summary of what a day in your life might be like.