Julius Caesar

Look at scenes 3 and 5 and the dying words of cassius and Brutus. How does each man view the murder of Caesar? Do you think each man a choice other than suicide? Explain.

The tragedy of julius caesar

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Cassius viewed the murder of Caesar as necessary, he never waivers in this belief. For Cassius, suicide was the only answer. His actions were born of misinformation, and had he known the truth, he would not have done the deed. None-the-less, his honor required that he die in a dignified manor, undefiled by his enemies.

Unlike Cassius, Brutus is haunted by Caesar's death, and Caesar's ghost is with him continuously.... particularly in battle. Brutus knows that there were other choices, but he holds onto his belief that his actions were justified. I don't know how Cassius would have been received by the opposing forces, but we are made well aware of the fact that Antony commanded he not be harmed. Thus possibly, Brutus had another choice, but he chose the path he believed to be honorable. Brutus was an honorable man, who made honorable choices. He would have had a lot to offer had he lived, but he chose to die.... honorably.


Julius Caesar