Julius Caesar

Describe your final view of Brutus and the choices he made. Did he misread the evidence that Caesar might become king? Should he have betrayed a friend for tone public good? Was he wrong to kill the only man who could bring order out of chaos?

Support your responses from evidence from the play.

The Tragedy of Julius Caesar

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One of the marks of a classic work of literature is that it presents philosophical questions as open-ended, meaning that they can be taken in various directions. Brutus' decision to kill Caesar is a classic example of such a result. There is good reason to think that Brutus made the wrong decision to assassinate his mentor and leader, since the eventual result is something like civil war in Rome. However, in tragedy, the point is often to highlight the essential impossibility of resolution. We get the sense that Rome is a beautiful, yet flawed project--much like Brutus' own life.