Julius Caesar

Cassius describes two past incidents involving Caesar. What is the purpose of his “stroll down memory lane”? What point is he trying to make? (lines 107-135, pp. 19-21)

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Cassius is trying to portray the great and powerful Caesar as a vulnerable and weak man. Cassius is trying to convince others that Caesar is not the unstoppable omniscient power that many see him to be. Cassius recalls a windy day when he and Caesar stood on the banks of the Tiber River, and Caesar dared him to swim to a distant point. They raced through the water, but Caesar became weak and asked Cassius to save him. Cassius had to drag him from the water. Cassius also recounts an episode when Caesar had a fever in Spain and experienced a seizure. Cassius marvels to think that a man with such a feeble constitution should now stand at the head of the civilized world.