Joseph Andrews

What accident happened with Mr.Wilson that his friends didn't speak to him and left him alone ?

Book lll,3rd chapter

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I'm not sure what you mean by "accident". Are you referring to the abduction of the Wilsons' eldest son by gypsies? 

When Wilson was in st. James coffee-house ,what the officer did to him?

This I want to know

He fell in with a group who spent their nights drinking, arguing over, eating, gambling, and sleeping all the day. Soon tired of this he joined a club of free thinkers who ‘threw aside all the prejudices of education’ and lived by human reason. At first highly pleased with himself, he became disenchanted when the members of the club were found to act badly. Soon he fell in with gamblers who took what was left of his fortune.

Poverty and distress followed. After trying to earn a living as a writer and as a translator, he was arrested for not paying his debts to his tailor. Although his friends would not help him he was aided by the daughter of a man who had previously swindled him. She was young and beautiful; he married her. They retired into the country and have for twenty years lived a life of ease, quiet, and love, except that their old son was stolen by some gypsies and was never recovered.