Johnny Tremain

In what way are each of the people below responsible in some way for the crippling of johnnys hand?

Old mr lapham,

Mrs. Lapham


Gran hopper

Mr Hancock



Johnny tremain

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Mr. Lapham didn't notice the mistakes in first bowl which needed to be rectified.

Mrs. Lapham urges Johnny to finish the handle on Sunday while Mr. Lapham is at church for afternoon services. Although working on Sundays is illegal and a major sin, Johnny agrees.

Johnny is arrogant and abuses those attempting to help him.

Dove hands him a cracked crucible to melt the silver in to get back at Johnny for being rude and abusive.

Gran’ Hopper, does the best she can to treat it, she forgets to keep the hand flat and instead allows it to turn in on itself. Because of this, he loses the use of his thumb and is permanently crippled.