Jane Eyre

compare how people in love behave in "romeo and juliet" and "jane eyre".

like the characters in the both text also to define the key terms which "love" and "behaviour". say their similarities and diferences.

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People in love in both works behave in irrational ways. While Romeo and Juliet rush into their love and marriage without even thinking through the consequences ( which, of course, turn out disastrously)while Jane thinks she is going into her relationship with Mr. Fairfax with her eyes open. It is only when she finds out about his living, very insane wife, she runs away from Fairfield Hall. She runs away while Romeo and Juliet run toward. However, in the end, when she returns to see Mr. Fairfax, she realizes that their love can overcome the "sins" of the past. She goes on to happiness; Romeo and Juliet cannot experience such happiness because their society and their impetuous behavior dooms them almost from the beginning.