James and the Giant Peach

what where the jobs all of the creatures


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Miss Spider is responsible for spinning the hammock-like beds for all of the passengers of the peach, and her skillful spinning is very useful later in the novel. In particular, Miss Spider's skills are essential in the peach's escape from danger; at sea, she spins the strands of rope that James needs for his daring seagull scheme.


Long, blind, and very self-defensive, Earthworm is the most pessimistic of the peach passengers, and he frequently quarrels with the high-spirited Centipede. Earthworm repeatedly points out that the peach is doomed and that its passengers are surely soon to die. He is also critical of some of James's plans; in fact, he is used as "bait" for James's successful seagull scheme, though he has the fortune to emerge unscathed.

Despite his grim nature, Earthworm is proud of his species. After all, earthworms are essential in gardening, since they consume massive amounts of soil and make the ground more fertile in the process. Earthworm finds a different way to contribute to human culture after arriving in New York: he stars in commercials for a company that makes women's face creams. He was chosen because of his lovely pink skin.


The Grass Hopper is the group's moderator and problem solver. Grasshopper is also a talented musician who surprises James with his abilities; he is able to use his own body as an instrument, producing rich melodies that call to mind the sound of a violin. At the conclusion of Dahl's novel, the Old-Green-Grasshopper becomes a member of the New York Symphony Orchestra, where his playing earns great admiration.


The Ladybug provides encouragement and comfort to James.


The Silkworm saves the group from sharks by spinning silk to attach to seagulls.


The Glow Worm is the peach's interior light bulb. Later, she becomes the light inside the torch of the Statue of Liberty.