Into the Wild

What are the pros and cons of living a transcendental lifestlye?

Please be specific, and please do not list them, If you can, please describe each one thoughtfully.

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Chris claimed he was searching for the meat of life. Like his mentors Thoreau and Emerson, he wanted to cut himself off from what perviously identified him. Besides the odd cryptic post card to his sister Chris's transcendental life meant that he cut ties with everyone he knew including his parents. This is where the problems come in with such a lifestyle. Chris may think life is all about him but he is really hurting others that cared about him. Despite the romanticism to his cause,  he also caused his family great pain and suffering. A post card here and there to his sister only confounded their pain and sense of loss. Chris discovered too late what many of us already know, people need other people to survive.